Next year, 2018 will be a sad year for some. we are closing our doors, just to the showroom and store. We will still be taking orders over the internet or phone. We did some long and hard thinking about how to give ourselves more time to have fun and this was the best solution we came up with. you can still get what you want and we have more time. We will also still host the Clark county Art tour in spring, maybe the Summer Fest day in July since this year was a big hit and of course the Thorp Pumpkin Fest. 

Rustic Garden Metal Works  a small Husband & Wife business ran out of our home. We turned our backyard into a showroom of metal art pieces, set along side our flower beds. There are benches for you to sit and relax to help you decide or if you prefer just to relax and enjoy. There is a flowing stream to soothe your troubles away.  

Lush Landscape

Bee, Hon E.Bee

Cupid's Flower